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Restoration Update

As the first phase of the renovation work draws to a close we thought some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs would be interesting and emphasise just how much work has been done to make St. Barnabas weather-tight and hopefully good for another 120 years.

An important part of maintaining the church in good repair is to make sure that it doesn’t suffer from extremely cold temperatures during the winter months (quite important for keeping the congregation in good repair as well!).  It is with this in mind that the PCC have arranged to supplement the monies remaining in the Restoration Fund with a loan from Swansea & Brecon to enable us to install gas central heating.    We propose to borrow £7,000 against the cost of c.£11,500 and hope that we can offset some of the monthly repayments with savings we will make on the current extremely high heating costs.  However, we do still need to find the Parish Share money each month (it is a condition of the loan that payment of this take priority) plus the other day to day running costs so it will be a challenge.   We are taking out the loan over a 10 year period but the sooner it can be repaid, the less it will cost us. 

The Restoration Appeal, therefore, continues.  There is still quite a lot of internal work to be done, not least on the windows, so any contributions or indeed fund raising suggestions are encouraged. 

Chancel Roof Repair   Church Hall Undergoing Repair
New Chancel Roof   New Church Hall Roof & Re-plastered Walls
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