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Jesus on the Cross - Stained glass window from the east window above the altar at St Barnabas Church
  Sunday:   8:30am Holy Eucharist  
    10:00am Family Communion  
  1st Sun. only   6:00pm Informal Worship  
  Wednesday: 10:30am Holy Eucharist  

Christian Music @ St Barnabas

  You can obtain a copy of the CD direct from the
Vicar or when you visit St Barnabas Church. We
hope that you enjoy listening to a few of the
tracks that we have included below.


Voice the Dove

Calling us into the peace of God's Presence

These songs are offered with the prayer that whoever listens will hear something of the eternal invitation of God's Spirit to move 'further up and further in'.

They come out of the hearts thankful for the grave of a God whose love awakens new life, renews hope and kindles faith.

A list of tracks are available below. Click on the highlighted links to listen to a sample. For information on how to obtain a copy of the CD, contact Ian

Voice of the Dove

Track Title

  1. Faithful Father
  2. As the deer
  3. What a child is meant to be
  4. I lift my eyes up
  5. This is my desire
  6. We bow down/How deep the Father's love
  7. I worship you, Almighty God
  8. Lord, you are so precious to me
  9. Who is there like you?
  10. Eternity
  11. When I survey the wondrous cross
  12. Humble King
  13. I choose to worship
  14. It's your blood
  15. Arise, my love
  16. Be still, and know
Running Time



 Total running time: 


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